Sunday, 1 June 2014


InstrumentTree. Oil on canvas, 50.5x40 cm.
This painting attempts to represent a form of communion between music and nature, a theme that haunts me and I'll return in future paintings. The "InstrumenTree" is inhabited by a goblin that provides the necessary magic to bear fruit in the form of musical instruments, and blades are hands, swaying in the wind, produce their sounds.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

El Camerino

El Camerino. Oil painting. 38x46 cm.
El Camerino. Oil on canvas. 38x46 cm.
The "El Camerino" is my first painting of 2014. Created as a gift to friends who opened a beauty salon and hairdresser alternative located in a room with recording music studio, the main idea was to represent both worlds, hair and music in a oil dreamlike colorful and furnish them with the necessary help your project ripped possible with all the beauty magic.